Compressed Air Purification

Compressed Air Purification

Kaeser Compressed Air Filtration

Removing particulates from your compressed air lines is of the utmost importance. They can create a loss in compressed air forcing your system to work harder than it should. It can also shorten the lifespan of your expensive tools and machinery as well as contaminate your final product. Sterile air should be the goal of every facility and we can provide the experience and equipment to help you meet this objective.


Oil/Water Condensate Management

Meeting regulatory guidelines and risking fines for discharging contaminated water condensate is a serious hassle and will cost you money.

Kaeser Filtration

Industrial Filtration

With Kaeser compressed air purification equipment and industrial filters, our product solutions span your entire system or any part of it from generation to the point of use.

Kaeser Breathing Air

Breathable Compressed Air

Breathing air standards are published by a number of regional approval bodies. The Kaeser breathing air purifiers are designed to comply with all of the standards and also meet the following international standard: Canada Z180.1-00


Moisture Removal/Air Dryers

Cleaning filter elements dramatically reduces your maintenance expenditure and Air Solutions Hamilton has experienced excellent results cleaning and repairing all types of air intake and dust collection filters.


Process/Sterile Purification

Absolute filtration of compressed air, gases, steam and liquids to 0.04 micron can be achieved utilizing the Air Solutions Hamilton’s range of process filtration products.

zero losssmall

ECO Drains

Our award winning range of compressed air condensate drains can provide you with hydro savings of up to $1,000 per drain per year by virtue of our zero compressed air loss technology when compared to timed solenoid drain traps.

CompAir Hydro4

Pre-Owned Equipment

Save big on pre-owned compressed air equipment!

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