Customer Review: Andy Bugg

Customer Review: Andy Bugg


As a project engineer involved with providing customers with conveyor systems, one of the responsibilities that I quite often have involves supplying the customer with an appropriate air compressor, dryer, and air receiver tank to supply air to our system. My projects generally include the supply of air compressors ranging between 10 to 50 hp.

I have asked my customers several times what they have thought of the Kaeser compressors that we supplied to them and have always heard only good things back. Typical comments from our customers center around how quiet the compressor is, how easy it is to use, the flexibility that it has in terms of programming, and how helpful the service staff has been. It came as no surprise to me when a new customer that I was working with actually specified that the compressor we supply them with was to be a Kaeser compressor.

Personally, I have enjoyed working with the staff at Air Solutions They respond to any of my concerns quickly and help to make the compressor part of my projects stress free.

As far as the product goes, I especially like the Airtower series, which combines the screw and dryer into one attractive unit. The extra space saved can mean a big difference, not to mention the ease of its installation. I have recommended Air Solutions to numerous people and will continue to do so.

Andy Bugg P.Eng., Project Engineer 

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