• Air Solutions Hamilton’s 18th Anniversary
    Air Solutions Hamilton’s 18th Anniversary
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    18 years ago today I started Air Solutions Hamilton from the trunk of a VW Jetta and the garage of a rented house, we hand filled carbon bags and peddled compressed air filtration products. Amazing to think that almost 20 years later we employ over 55 people and are now the largest Kaeser compressed air…

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  • Air Compressor Control Gap Explained
    Air Compressor Control Gap Explained
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      The current trend in compressed air seems to be replacing fixed speed machines with variable speed machines. One of the biggest problems we are encountering with this phenomenon is educating end users of the issues which may arise from them not clearly understanding the control gap.  Uneducated compressed air sales representatives are flooding the…

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  • How simple is it to ascertain saveONenergy funding?
    How simple is it to ascertain saveONenergy funding?
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    Do you ever wonder how energy efficient your compressed air system is? From our experience there is almost certainly an opportunity to conserve energy and drive down the cost of compressing air in almost every facility we visit. These energy savings opportunities may be as simple as repairing leaks, replacing wasteful time-solenoid condensate drain traps,…

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  • Transport
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    Whether its freight, passenger, maritime, or railway transport there is a need behind the scenes to provide a quality compressed air product. Trucks, buses, ships and trains all require on-going preventative maintenance to keep the equipment in a safe and efficient state for that long haul. Kaeser compressors have that ideal workshop compressor package that…

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  • Printing
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    The printing industry is the fifth largest in the manufacturing sector. The industry is very competitive in Canada and is made up mostly of small to medium size printing plants some of which are family owned. Technology is playing a huge part in this industry with digital printing techniques surpassing the older methods such as silkscreen…

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  • Pharmaceutical
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    Your industry demands the most cost effective quality air production to meet stringent product standards. Kaeser compressors are a global supplier of such quality products with their new range of powerful, durable, efficient dry-running rotary screw compressors. Available with cost-effective air-cooling for drive powers up to 355 kW. Ensuring exceptional performance, these two specialised ranges…

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  • Mining
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    With exports at record levels for most minerals the industry is demanding more from suppliers in respect of quality, reliability and cost saving technology. Kaeser compressors have a broad range of equipment including electric or diesel driven rotary screw compressors, dryers, air receivers, filters etc to meet these demands. Offering the latest energy efficient products…

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  • Water Treatment
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    Water is a precious commodity and must be conserved and recycled wherever possible. Domestic and sewage wastewater must be treated before it can be used for other purposes. Part of the separation process is aided by low pressure high volume air from electric driven rotary blower packages. Kaeser compressors have a wide range of stand…

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  • Manufacturing
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    Manufacturing in Canada today can be affected by numerous global circumstances. To be competitive we must strive for the latest cost effective manufacturing technology and improve our skill base and reduce costs. Kaeser compressors offer a broad range of products which will improve your bottom line and reduce the overall cost of manufacture by saving energy…

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  • Health
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    Kaeser produce quality silenced oil free products for the Hospital and dental Industry. The demand is consistent and the reliability is paramount. All machines come with quality micro filter packages to guarantee quality clean oil free odourless air supply. All packages are quiet, vibration free, offer low maintenance and ensure small footprints for critical space requirements.

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