Air Demand Analysis Studies

Air Demand Analysis

Our performance bond guarantees that; unless we identify savings, the analysis is free!

So you have got nothing to lose!

Air Demand Analysis is the perfect way to confirm exactly what size and type of air compressor your operation requires.  Our state of the art equipment data-logs the kiloWatt motor power consumption, the system pressure, and volume profiles, recording in real time every 15 seconds so that we are able to review your system’s performance and highlight any areas of concern.

Using our Air Demand Analysis service, we can accurately assess the amount of compressed air consumption (cfm), the system pressure (psig) in the plant and also record the kW power consumed by each compressor motor.

Once this information is collected in our data logger, these three profiles enable us to accurately assess the compressed air system and recommend the exact equipment which will best suit your application.

Our analysis is continual over a 9 day period and it will accurately highlight all of the following:

  1. CFM consumption
  2. Peak demands
  3. Potential energy and cost savings
  4. Leaks
  5. Pressure swings and profiles

From our experience, significant savings can be obtained by reformatting or replacing equipment within your compressed air station. The ADA gives us a detailed profile and current “bench mark” of the compressed air system at your plant.

Once the ADA report is completed and presented to you in the form of a report with graphs and recommendations we will submit a separate quotation for the correctly sized equipment required.


Example # 1 of daily air consumption (cfm and psi):

Graph # 1 shows three (3) air compressors olive green, red and blue with the cubic feet per minute shown in the left axis averaging 700 cfm. The bottom axis shows time from 00:00 hours over the next twenty-four (24) hours. On the right, the axis indicate system pressure, in psig, at the top. Below is the kW consumption for each compressor.

Air Demand Analysis Study

Example # 2 is the daily power consumption of the existing equipment in red and in blue we see a better scenario using different equipment (frequency controlled air compressors in this example). These energy consumptions are related to the olive green line graph at the top of this example which indicates the cubic foot per minute consumption for the same period.

Example # 2 of daily power consumption (kW):

Air Demand Analysis 2

Example # 3 shows the kilowatt consumption for a nine (9) day period of the existing installation in red and the recommended, most energy efficient solution in yellow.

Example # 3 power consumption between existing installation and new equipment (kW):

Air Demand Analysis Comparison

Example # 4 comparison of energy costs between existing installation and new equipment

Example # 4 shows the cost of energy for the existing system in red and the recommended, most energy efficient solution in yellow. All examples and calculations are based on Hydro at 0.08 cents per kilowatt hour. In summary the ADA confirms that this particular customer can save $64,000.00 in Hydro per year.

Air Demand Analysis Comparison 2

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