Kaeser Eco-Drains

Kaeser Eco-Drains

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Kaeser’s award winning range of compressed air drains can provide you with hydro savings of up to $1,000 per drain per year by virtue of our zero compressed air loss technology when compared to timed solenoid drain traps.

In addition to huge cost saving potential, Air Solutions will also guarantee zero compressed air loss, reliability, remote annunciation of the drain systems status and microprocessor control.

Please contact our office for a free site survey of your condensate management system. All of the eco-drains are available on a 30 day no obligation trial. To initiate a trial contact sales at info@airsolutionshamilton.com

Utilizing the saveONenergy incentive program, your business can save $100 per drain!

Save approximately $1,314 on your next hydro bill by switching to zero loss drains!

Kaeser Eco-Drain

Kaeser Eco-Drain (PDF)

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