Eyedro Meters

Eyedro Meters


Eyedro Business Electricity Monitors

  • See electricity usage and costs

  • Easy installation

  • Free monitoring via My.Eyedro.com

  • Supports 3-phase/poly-phase

  • 200A sensors (shown)

  • 200A – 5,000A available

  • Wireless up to 1000′ (300m)

  • Expandable via mesh network

Eyedro Module

200A Eyedro Business Wireless Electricity Monitors

Imagine being able to mount and install a simple device to monitor, via smartphone, or remote computer, the kW consumption in real time.

For approximately $500 this concept is now a reality. 

3 easy to install clamps are attached to each of the phases of an electrical motor.

Each clamp connects directly to a small data logger and captures the “real time” kW consumption of any electrical motor in your facility.

The data is wirelessly transmitted via the internet directly to your smartphone or computer and is password protected.

Up to 30 motors can be data logged via one Eyedro meter.

Real-time electricity monitoring is an important tool in understanding when and where electricity is being used, and to find energy saving opportunities.

If you’re not happy with the bill amount and want to do something about it then you can certainly look at energy saving tips, but beyond that the only way to understand why your electric bill is high is to see the full electricity usage details with a real-time monitor such as Eyedro.

Electric utilities that have deployed smart meters sometimes share smart meter information via their website but it is still in 15 minute blocks and lags by 24 hours – better, but still not as good as real-time feedback. With real-time feedback you’re able to learn how often equipment is on, and how much it costs to operate, especially the larger more expensive power hogs.

With real-time electricity monitoring you are provided with actionable intelligence because you can see exactly how much electricity is being consumed at any given point in time, and then keep an eye on consumption and costs before the bill arrives.

No more surprises when your bill shows up!

Want to see what it looks like? We set our own Eyedro meter up here at the office!

Check out our real time energy usage!


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