Leak Detection

Compressed Air Leak Detection


Are you operating your compressors to their maximum output capacity?

Compressed Air Leak Detection

Identifying and repairing compressed air leaks reduces the amount of compressed air consumption and in turn reduces the hydro power required to produce compressed air.

Repairing said leaks will also create a compressed air pressure buffer which will allow you to delay a costly upgrade to a higher powered air compressor.

 The cost associated with compressing air to feed compressed air leaks is often overlooked, due to production demands. Technology now enables us to perform a compressed air leak detection during normal production working hours. Our technicians survey any given facility with ultrasonic leak detection equipment to identify, locate and tag all compressed air related leaks. These are typically found at point of use due to leaking hoses, cracked poly-carbonate F/R/L bowls.

We also offer a “turnkey” leak detection and repair service. Our team attends site to locate compressed air leaks, immediately fixing them, wherever possible, on a time and materials basis.


All of our leak detections includes a performance guarantee!!

This guarantee absolutely ensures that we find cost savings equal to, or greater than the cost of the study.

Otherwise, the survey is FREE.






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