One of Air Solutions most triumphant accomplishments was becoming a channel partner with the hydro providers of Ontario. We currently hold a 100% success rate with save on energy retrofit incentive programs. These programs enable Air Solutions to audit and monitor any customer’s compressed air equipment for its performance and energy proficiency.

In more than 300 cases we have successfully identified opportunities to reduce massive amounts of kW consumption by retrofitting the existing system with energy efficient solutions. The extent of our rebates on the behalf of our customers is now in excess of $2,000,000. In my opinion the most important aspect of these discoveries is the fact that Air Solutions championed these projects in a “turnkey” capacity from conception to completion. – Peter Gray


In a world under pressure and a working environment where time is money, it is important to partner with suppliers who offer “turn-key” solutions to your requirements.


Air Solutions Canada Ltd. is a recognized and preferred channel partner to many (LDC) local distribution company and provides all of the required data, pre-project report stamped by a P.Eng, system modifications and recommendations for energy optimisation. Our team prepares all of the paper work from conception to completion and our company is able to design, build, supply and install every facet of the saveONenergy program requirements.

We have a 100% success rate in applying for and obtaining rebate incentives towards compressed air upgrade projects. The “initial discovery” visit is free of charge and our experienced team will visit your facility to analyze whether the saveONenergy program is applicable for you and your company.

Contact us or your hydro provider to start the process.

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