Genuine Kaeser Replacement Parts and Oil


Genuine Kaeser Parts for your Compressors, Dryers, Blowers and your Compressed Air System


As the owner of a Kaeser air system, you recognize the value of premium equipment. Kaeser spare parts and consumables are specifically designed to keep your Kaeser equipment running at peak performance, providing superior functionality and reliability. To make sure you get genuine Kaeser parts, contact us.


Premium Fluids

Kaeser Premium Fluids are specially formulated and offer outstanding wear protection, long life and smooth lubrication – even at low temperatures.  They also separate easily from water to simplify condensate treatment.


Maintenance kits

Kaeser maintenance kits contain exactly the right parts for preventive maintenance. Categorized by service hours to make ordering simple, these maintenance kits are stocked with Kaeser Genuine Parts to keep your system running at optimum performance.


Service and repair kits

Kaeser service and repair kits contain parts that wear over time.  Having these kits in stock and readily available, makes routine maintenance easier and helps streamline scheduled downtime.  

Genuine Kaeser Service Filters & Oil


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