Customer Review: ISPA Store Fixtures

Customer Review: ISPA Store Fixtures


I am the Health & Safety Coordinator for ISPA Store Fixtures, a millwork company based in Georgetown, ON. Although this is my official job title, I wear many hats in this role and as such, have responsibility for investigating areas outside of the realm of Health & Safety, including, (CSR) Corporate Social Responsibility as well as environmental and sustainability issues relating to our business.

In May 2013 I attended a workshop called Dollars to Sense which was geared to help businesses identify cost saving opportunities through increased energy efficiency. The workshop was very illuminating and shone the light on a number of areas in our business where we could reap the benefits of improvements in technology, as regards improved efficiencies and demand reduction.

One of the most staggering examples illustrated was the cost of compressed air. Compressed air is a vital component of the millwork industry as it powers most hand tools, saws, and machines and is also used for spraying and drying paints and adhesives and cleaning surfaces of dust and debris.

After the workshop, I contacted Alan Hopkins of Air Solutions, who was instrumental in assisting us with our goal to reduce energy costs and inefficiencies associated with our compressed air use.

Alan and his team performed an Air Demand Analysis and determined that we were using a compressor that was ridiculously oversized for our needs. After analyzing the numbers, ISPA decided to remove and scrap its old 100 HP Gardener Denver Air compressor and replace it with two 15 horse power Kaeser air compressors, set up to run in tandem so that the second compressor only kicked in during periods of high demand.

80% of the time the entire shop is able to run, using only one 15 HP compressor. That is a remarkable feat considering we were previously running 100 HP eight hours a day, every day. This simple change had a dramatic effect on our energy profile due mainly to the way energy is charged: users pay for their peak demand so by downsizing and reducing the peak demand when the compressors are turned on, meant significant savings over the long term.

With the installation of the new Kaeser’s we noticed a dramatic change in our energy bill. Indeed this project alone ended up saving us thousands of dollars each month. Furthermore, to our delight, the project was heavily incentivized by the LDC (Local Distribution Company: Halton Hills Hydro) and working closely with Alan and the team from Air Solutions, we were able to receive an incentive cheque for roughly half the project cost through the SaveONEnergy program. Air Solutions guided us through the application process from start to finish and were instrumental in the success of the project.

ISPA was able to reduce its energy demand by more than 275,000 KWh per year due to the success of this project. The compressors themselves have been a pleasure to work with as they are comparatively much quieter and have new technology which maximizes efficiency and keeps operators informed when service is required. Air Solutions have been superb at providing solid customer service to ensure that things keep running smoothly and that business is never interrupted by issues with the compressed air system.

To any companies out there considering this type of undertaking, I would highly suggest you take advantage of the SaveONenergy program and would highly recommend Air Solutions as a partner on the path to greater energy efficiency, reduced demand and increased profitability.

Stu Wilson

ISPA Store Fixtures

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