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Industrial Air Compressors


Compressed air has become the 4th utility and a vital component in the day-to-day operations of most companies. Businesses are well aware of the need for compressors, but there is considerable debate as to which of the three most popular types — rotary screw, Hydrovane or reciprocating piston — works best in an application. It is vitally important to look at your specific application and your production demands before deciding.

Our business has been built around customer service excellence and our team understands compressed air completely, because that’s all we do.

Nowadays the trend is to analyze a compressed air system to establish the exact requirements for your particular business and its operation.

Gone are the days of prehistoric modulating compressors, spiral and turn valve technologies leading the way in energy efficiency. Today we are seeing premium efficiency motors with load/idle control and variable speed leading the pursuit of lowering energy costs in a compressed air system.

If you are looking to replace any type or size of compressed air equipment, there is no better time than now! With the saveONenergy retrofit incentive programs and government subsidies, our team of energy experts can dramatically reduce the upfront costs of replacing your aging equipment.

As the largest Kaeser distributor in Canada, we are perfectly positioned to offer an industrial air compressor which includes:

  • Sigma Profile Air End
  • VSD (Variable Frequency Drive)
  •  Intel Pentium processor
  •  Ten year air end warranty
  •  24/7 preventative maintenance compressor service
  •  Lower service costs
  • Options for full feature “FF” type packages including on-board air dryers
  • The Kaeser variable speed SFC machines have the ability to operate fully loaded 24/7
  • Less expensive compressor lubricants than Sullube 32, AEON9000SP, Ultracoolant, Roto-Inject


up to 20

Up to 20HP
Rotary Screw Industrial Compressors with V-Belt Drive

Rotary Screw Industrial Compressors with Direct Drive


Rotary Screw Industrial Compressors with Direct Drive


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