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Kaeser Refrigerated Air Dryers

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If pressure dew-point and compressed air quality are critical to the success of your facilities production, Air Solutions has a refrigerated compressed air dryer to offer. Our huge offering of refrigerated dryers includes: Thermal Mass, Cycling, Non Cycling,‎ Dual Controlled Dryers for fluctuating flow applications, High Temperature, modular high capacity dryers and Scroll compressor type dryers. For high pressure applications. For PET bottling applications, our HT series offers flow capacities up to 3000cfm. For consistent dew points and energy efficient air drying our innovative Hybritec Combination Dryer offers either +38 degrees F or -40 degrees dew-points. Designed by SPX and Hankison, specifically for Kaeser, the Hybritec Combination Dryer provides clean dry air for flow rates between 700 and 5300cfm.

Guaranteed pressure dewpoint of + 2 degrees C and + 37 degrees F are obtainable with stand alone dryers and/or full feature, total “T” type air compressor packages with an on board, pre-piped and pre-wired air dryer are available. Eliminate wet compressed air at your place of business and ensure  that your system meets and exceeds all ISO 8573 compressed air quality standards.

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