25-100HP – Rotary Screw Compressors with Refrigerated Dryer

ASD T_DryerOpt

Models: ASD, BSD, CSD
Horsepower: 25 – 100hp
Capacities: 110 to 500 cfm
Standard pressures: 90-217 psig

Kaeser’s space-saving T-package air compressors feature Sigma rotary screw compressors, complete with a refrigerated dryer. Both system components are pre-piped and pre-wired in one neat compact footprint and a soundproof enclosure. In essence this product provides you with a “plug and play” solution.



Sigma Control

The compressor control system features an industrial-based PC, Intel microprocessor and real-time operating system. Five different control configurations are available to precisely match compressor performance to air demand.


The Energy-Saving Sigma Profile

Kaeser’s proprietary Sigma Profile is up to 20% more efficient than other conventional designs. Manufactured according to strict quality standards, these airends guarantee long operational life and outstanding reliability.


Refrigerated dryer with Eco-Drain

The integral refrigerated dryer is also fitted with an electronic Eco-Drain. This “no-loss” drain removes condensate without releasing valuable compressed air. Kaeser’s dryer/drain combination ensures optimum performance and increased energy savings.


Moisture separator with Eco-Drain

A highly efficient moisture separator with electronic Eco-Drain safely and reliably removes all liquid condensate generated by the aftercooler. This function is constantly monitored by the Sigma Control system.


Integrated Design

Power for the integral refrigerated dryer is provided through the main cabinet. This compact compressor / dryer package is completely piped, wired and ready for installation. All components are easily accessible to simplify maintenance.

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