Rotary Screw Compressor – with Variable Frequency Drive

Kaeser Rotary Screw Compressor with Variable Frequency Drive

25HP – 335HP Variable Air Compressors


Models: SFC 18 to 250
Horsepower: 25 to 335 hp (18.5 to 250 kW)
Capacities: 22 to 1568 cfm
Standard pressures: 80 to 217 psig

Kaeser’s Sigma Frequency Control (SFC) compressors combine our one-to-one direct drive compressors and revolutionary Sigma Control system with the latest in variable speed drive technology. Kaeser uses large, slow-speed airends with the optimized Sigma Profile. Airends are connected directly to a standard motor via a maintenance-free coupling for maximum transmission efficiency.

Massive hydro savings can be achieved in most facilities utilizing the Kaeser variable frequency controlled air compressor technology.

Imagine operating a compressor with the intelligence to speed up or slow down its main drive motor to perfectly match the compressed air demand of your facility.

The Kaeser range of VFD air compressors incorporate our standard high efficiency patented air end design (more compressed air output for less hydro input), together with standard package components. The frequency demand module is factory fitted to our standard package to precisely control the air compressor which will only produce compressed air as and when required in the plant.

Sigma Control

The compressor control system features an industrial-based PC, Intel microprocessor and real-time operating system. Five different control configurations are available to precisely match compressor performance to air demand.

Precise Pressure Control

SFC compressors precisely control system pressure to 2 psig using highly accurate sensors and the Sigma Control System to control motor speed. This eliminates “overpressurizing” and increases energy savings – after all every 2 psig saved in overpressurizing reduces power consumption by 1%!


Superior Drive System Technology

SFC drive systems feature electromagnetic interface (EMI) filters, contactors for galvanic separation and line reactors for superior protection. Drive cabinet cooling fans maintain proper operating temperatures even under extreme ambient conditions.


EMI Filter

SFC drive systems are designed with an electromagnetic interference filter that eliminates or isolates all feedback, and prevents harmonic distortion from entering the plant’s electrical grid.


Soft Starts

SFC units offer a “soft rise” in motor starting current from zero to full load without current spikes or excess heat rise. This allows unlimited motor starts, and since the SFC drive yields a “near unity power factor,” power factor penalties are also eliminated.

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