Sigma Profile

Sigma Profile

 The Kaeser Sigma Profile Rotary Screw Airend

Kaeser’s proprietary Sigma Profile was introduced in 1975. It is up to 20% more efficient than conventional screw designs. Kaeser continues to refine and improve the airend design, and today’s optimized Sigma Profile airends offer unparalleled performance.

Larger airends turning at slower speeds are more efficient and deliver more compressed air for the same drive power. Kaeser’s design philosophy is to develop slower running airends with optimized profiles that can pay for themselves in a short period of time with increased energy savings.

  • Up to 20% more air per kilowatt
  • Long operational life due to precision-aligned, top-quality bearings
  • Excellent airend inlet channel flow characteristics
  • Airends are precision machined to very fine tolerances on high-precision grinding machines for increased performance reliability

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