How simple is it to ascertain saveONenergy funding?

How simple is it to ascertain saveONenergy funding?

How simple is it to ascertain saveONenergy funding?

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Do you ever wonder how energy efficient your compressed air system is? From our experience there is almost certainly an opportunity to conserve energy and drive down the cost of compressing air in almost every facility we visit.

These energy savings opportunities may be as simple as repairing leaks, replacing wasteful time-solenoid condensate drain traps, reformatting compressor controls to avoid machines competing with each other for lead status, larger air receiver storage tanks, pressure drop reduction or a different size air compressor all together. Before you invest any time, effort or funding into any of the above improvements be absolutely sure to speak to somebody regarding the Ontario Power Authority’s saveONenergy funding program. At our office we have an expert in the saveONenergy programs, Mr. Alan Hopkins Alan has provided advice and guidance to more than 60 end users, to assist them with establishing whether they are eligible for the saveONenergy rebate programs.

Alan, tell us how you do it?

Our approach is holistic but free of any charge at the initial stages of our consultation. Initially we perform a site visit to survey the compressor station and the equipment and pipework associated with it. This is typically followed up with an in depth study or survey to analyze the performance of the compressed air equipment. Once we are armed with the results from an analysis study our team of energy saving experts champion and complete all of the necessary paperwork required to apply for a rebate incentive. Our success rate for obtaining such an incentive speaks volumes of our ability. This is why we are the market leader and preferred channel partners to many of the hydro providers in the GTA. I would be happy to visit your facility and if you call me or email me I will happily a convenient time.


What is your success rate?

  • 109 applications
  • 101 completed
  • $2 million dollars in incentives
  • Conserved Over 3000 peak kW
  • Conserved over 8 million peak kW hours

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