Oil & Water Condensate Management

Kaeser Oil & Water Condensate Management Solutions


Stop Discharging Oily Water Condensate to the Sewer

Meeting regulatory guidelines and risking fines for discharging contaminated water condensate is a serious hassle and will cost you money.

Purification instead of disposal is now the answer!

The Air Solutions Hamilton condensate separator range purifies condensate so thoroughly that the separated water can be disposed of via the city drain system without any risk of violating environmental by-laws. Advanced technology and more than ten years experience in condensate management has seen Air Solutions separate even the most stable emulsifications.


  • Protect the environment / ISO 14001 standards
  • Efficiently separate oil and water on-site and return up to 99.9% of the condensate to sanitary sewers
  • Meet effluent discharge regulations
  • Rapid payback over conventional disposal methods
  • Simple to install, operate and maintain

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Kaeser Oil Water Condensate Management (PDF)

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