Beat the Heat

6 Quick Tips for Summer

Beat the Summer Heat and Downtime

Don't wait for the temperature to heat up before you check your compressed air system. Hot weather can put lot of stress on compressed air systems. As temperatures rise, many maintenance problems are revealed. A little preparation will keep you cool all summer long.

Use these simple tips to avoiding costly downtime this summer.


dirty oil cooler

01   Clean Coolers

Keeping the oil cooler clean improves overall compressor operation while a well maintained air cooler ensures optimal air treatment performance.

02   Check Oil Levels

To ensure proper cooling and lubrication, and to prevent unscheduled downtime, make sure oil is filled to the proper level and that there are no restrictions in the compressor's fluid circulation.

oil level indicator
Compressed air ventilation


Compressors have a difficult time running in ambient temperatures higher than 115 °F. These higher temperatures will also shorten oil life and reduce air treatment performance.

Put a thermometer in the compressor room and if the temperature gets too high, add additional ventilation.


A clogged air filter can lower efficiency and increase operating temperatures.

Inspect the air filter and if lightly contaminated, vacuum it off. If it's deeply contaminated or hasn't been changed in the last year, replace it.

Inspecting an air filter
Drain inspection


Your dryers and filters work hard to remove the extra water that occurs during the hot, humid summer months. Make sure your drains are functioning properly so that they can get the water out of your compressed air.

Many drains have test buttons. Adjust timer settings on timed drains if you have them.


Refrigerated dryers work best when they have a steady supply of clean and cool air. Make sure that your dryer is well-ventilated and getting the coolest air possible.

Clean the condenser. If it is stopped up with dirt and debris it can't do its job and may cause the dryer to overheat. Also check the refrigerant level.

Dryer Maintenance

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