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Offering a wide variety of products ranging from compressors to tanks and everything in between. Whatever your compressed air system needs we’ve got you covered. With $2m of inventory in our head office, essential tools, parts, and equipment are always available. And with more than 50 compressors and dryers in our warehouse we have all your needs covered. 

Bare Blower


Kaeser blowers are built for a lifetime of high performance, low energy costs, and best in class performance, with flow rates between 170 ICFM and 2603 ICFM

Vacuum Packaging


 Kaeser's Rotary screw vacuum packages are the perfect solution to industrial Vacuum applications. Featuring our award-winning Sigma Profile™, airend, our range of machines produce 166 to 551 acfm.

Booster Compressor


When compressed air or gas applications require higher pressure than a “standard” air compressor can produce, high pressure booster compressors are an economical and effective solution.

controller products Air Solutions Canada


Kaeser's Sigma air Manager, SAM 4.0 provides complete system management for air compressors, blowers and vacuums, from a large easy to read screen. 

accessories products Air Solutions Canada


Whatever it is you're looking for, our accessories range from the gauges and valves in the compressor room, all the way through to the hoses and blow guns at the points of use.

compressor products Air Solutions Canada


Our range of air compressors includes reciprocating piston, oil free, and oil injected rotary screw air compressors, from 3hp up to 660hp, and everything in between. If you do not know what you are looking for, we can assist with that too.

dryer products Air Solutions Canada


Selecting the right dryer and filtration to ensure your facility receives clean, dry compressed air consistently, depends on many things. Our clean air selection process is based around ISO 8573.1 quality class standards.

filter products Air Solutions Canada


If you are looking for assistance in the filtration of dirt, oil, water, bacteria, hydrocarbons, oil odor or vapor, we have a filter, or an element to capture whatever you need to stop. Compressed air, gases, liquids, ambient air, and water filtration is what we do best.

tank products Air Solutions Canada


Horizontal and Vertical air receiver storage tanks are available, with the most common sizes kept in stock at our Hamilton warehouse. 


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When you speak to us, ask for an Air Demand Analysis. It will give you the performance data of your current compressed air system and show the savings you can generate. We offer a performance guarantee - if we don’t identify inefficiencies within your system which are equivalent to the cost of the ADA study, then the study will be free! And in the meantime, download the Ultimate Guide on Rightsizing your Compressed Air System. You can stop being frustrated that they were over promised and under delivered, and instead be confident with a radically different solution that serves your needs better at a lower cost. 


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