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Our team of 16 factory trained and ticketed experts includes Millwrights, Electricians, Control Specialists, Refrigeration Dryer and Chiller Mechanics, Desiccant and Breathing Air Techs, and Hospital Licensed Tradesmen. 

With our 24/7 direct connect, emergency service line, you’ll speak to one of our on-call technicians, whatever time of the day or night you need our assistance. All 16 service vehicles are furnished with a “Crash Kit”, and our first-time fix rate is one of the best in the business at 93%.  

Preventative, and predictive maintenance, vibration and oil analysis, breathing air testing, and leak detection, all executed in house. Nothing is subcontracted, so we deliver what we promise, as we control our own destiny. 

Air Demand Analysis Service Air Solutions Canada

Air Demand Analysis, (ADA)

Optimise performance, cut costs: Get a comprehensive compressed air system audit by pros.

Leak Detection service Air Solutions Canada

Compressed air audits & leak detection

Energy is the biggest cost of ownership for compressed air users. 70% of the money spent over 10 years will be on energy. Subsequently we encourage clients to select efficient equipment choices, and eliminate superficial uses, such as air leaks.

Preventative maintenance service Air Solutions Canada

Preventative maintenance

If you don’t schedule time for maintenance your equipment will schedule it for you. In today's fast paced world, maintenance can be difficult to schedule due to other priorities, production changes, and supply chain issues. Engaging with a service specialist can place this responsibility on a third party and allow you to focus on other tasks.

Dry Ice Cleaning service Air Solutions Canada

Dry ice cleaning

Power washing air compressor coolers creates the need for covering anything electrical, and clean up after the fact of detergent and water overspill. All of this can now be avoided, by virtue of dry ice cleaning.

Warranty service Air Solutions Canada


Kaeser offers FIVE YEAR “bumper to bumper” warranty coverage for most compressors.

Lubricants & Oil Service Air Solutions Canada


Charging your Air Compressors with the correct lubricant is essential for service life, longevity, lubrication, cooling, and sealing.

vibration analysis service Air Solutions Canada

Vibration Analysis

You can’t improve what you don’t measure. Performing regular Vibration Analysis, and trending the results can be a fabulous predictive maintenance measure. 

Varnish Removal Service Air Solutions Canada

Varnish Removal

When a rotary screw air end rotor becomes contaminated with varnish, the assembly is susceptible to premature failure and reduced efficiency in terms of output.

Compressed Air Service Air Solutions Canada

Compressed Air Service

We perform repairs, preventative maintenance, air end and motor rebuilds, on all types and brands of air compressors, 24/7 x 365.

Communities we serve

From Ancaster to Vaughn we supply, rent and service air compressor equipment throughout Southwestern Ontario, including the Golden Horseshoe and most of the GTA. 


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When you speak to us, ask for an Air Demand Analysis. It will give you the performance data of your current compressed air system and show the savings you can generate. We offer a performance guarantee - if we don’t identify inefficiencies within your system which are equivalent to the cost of the ADA study, then the study will be free! And in the meantime, download the Ultimate Guide on Rightsizing your Compressed Air System. You can stop being frustrated that they were over promised and under delivered, and instead be confident with a radically different solution that serves your needs better at a lower cost. 


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