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Our factory trained service technicians service a wide variety of makes and models. We also have certified refrigeration technicians to ensure that your air dryer is in tip top shape.

Preventive Maintenance Plans

Our preventative maintenance plans are designed to keep your compressed air system in top condition and maximise your uptime.

First-time Fix Rate

We take pride in our ability to get the job done right the first time. It's the best way to provide you with value for your investment in preventative maintenance and service. One of the KPIs we measure is our success in fixing equipment related issues during the first visit to the site. Our current First Time Fix rate trends at 93%.

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Why Work With Air Solutions Canada

Working with the largest compressed air team in Southern Ontario has many benefits:

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Fastest emergency service

With dedicated emergency service breakdown technicians, on call 24/7 we guarantee a same day visit.Every vehicle is equipped with a breakdown “crash kit” to provide us with the best potential opportunity to repair your issue during the first call.

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Largest equipment inventory

With $2m of inventory in local warehouses, essential parts, and equipment are readily available. And with more than 50 compressors and dryers in our warehouse we can solve any emergency.

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Technicians dedicated to you

We have primary and secondary technicians allocated for each customer, and they have all your information and equipment history on their iPad. It means that we know your particular service history and understand your equipment list.

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Competitive Pricing

We get preferential pricing based on our volume purchases, and pass additional discounts on to our customers. We offer payment terms, lease and rent to own options & sell compressed air over the fence, by CFM consumption.

Frequently asked questions

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How can a preventative maintenance plan save my company money?

Saving money is a given when preventative maintenance is performed on time by qualified staff using quality parts and lubricants. Yes, you will need to spend money on parts and labour, but we encourage you to consider this a relatively small investment to reduce the risk of downtime, which is usually exponentially more costly.

Here are some of the specific results of an air compressor breakdown.

  1. Lost production
  2. Compressor rental fees (including hook up)
  3. Inconvenience
  4. Refuelling
  5. Rush shipping
  6. Emergency repair costs
  7. Hasty decision making
  8. Catastrophic failure, beyond economic repair
  9. Unbudgeted/unplanned replacement costs
  10. Panic & stress - It’s hard to put a dollar value on these, but you know the toll they take

How much does a preventative maintenance plan cost and how much do I stand to save?

The condition, complexity, and scale of the equipment in your compressed air system will determine the extent of coverage you need.

The amount you save is difficult to assess because it depends on the cost of subsequent downtime in your plant and the extent of the breakdown. A catastrophic failure combined with any amount of downtime can add up to some pretty astronomical amounts.

What payment options do I have for a maintenance plan?

Option 1. “Pay-as-You-Go”
With our pay-as-you-go plans, prices are fixed for the duration of a one- or two-year plan. Whenever we install a part or perform labour, we bill accordingly, on a time and materials basis.

Option 2. Fixed Fee
Do you prefer the predictability of fitting a fixed fee plan into your annual budget? We’re happy to do that. We first assess the hours your compressors will be operating. Then, from the shift patterns, we estimate the required frequency of your service calls and the quantity of parts, oil, and labour required to perform those services.

Option 3. Payment Plans
Want to spread the preventative maintenance plan costs over semiannual, quarterly, or monthly payments? No problem. Almost 75% of our plans are formatted this way. You get one fixed invoice value two, four, or twelve times per year.

Can I purchase a preventative maintenance plan from Air Solutions Canada for non-Kaeser equipment?

Absolutely. We service any brand, anywhere, any time, any way, and any how.

If production times are reduced during the year, how does that impact our maintenance plan?

This often occurs, as demand for products increase and decrease. Our plans are flexible, and we can adjust to meet your needs. If the fixed payment plan has left money on the table, we simply issue a credit at the end of the term/agreement.

Are all of your maintenance plans the same?

No, every client’s preventative maintenance plans are tailored to our clients’ needs. They can be  set up to suit any size and type of compressed air system. We can create plans for small or large piston, vane, rotary screw, and oil-free compressors, dryers, filters, drains, and condensate separators.

Because we have the largest compressed air service team in Southwestern Ontario and a fleet of rental compressors, maintenance can be scheduled any time you want, including nights and weekends. You’re the boss here. Tell us to jump and we will ask “how high?”

Is there technology that helps predict maintenance issues?

Yes, as a Kaeser dealer, we are licensed to sell and install Kaeser’s Sigma Air Manager 4.0 system (SAM). SAM integrates all of the components of your compressed air system, monitors, analyzes, and controls performance in real time, and provides warning, maintenance, alarm, and operational messages.

The combination of remote diagnostics and needs-based preventative maintenance help ensure maximum compressed air supply dependability. Through permanent availability of compressed air system process data and the resulting permanent analysis, it’s possible to identify the perfect point in the future when your compressed air system should be maintained and serviced.

Are there specific types of businesses for which preventative maintenance plans work best?

Any customer of any size can benefit from a preventative maintenance plan. Whether it’s a one-person operation with a 3-HP piston compressor, or a 1,000-person plant with a 5,000HP compressor.

Our customers include every facet of industry that uses compressed air: food and beverage, brewing, dairy, pharmaceuticals, automotive, municipal, hospitals, chemical plants, textiles, paper, electronics, aerospace, rubber, and steel (to name a few).

Do you outsource any of your maintenance work?

No, nothing is outsourced with Air Solutions Canada. We have one of the largest teams of compressed air service technicians in southern Ontario, including certified refrigeration technicians and millwrights. We have the in-house capability to directly handle any maintenance or service issues that arise.

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Our blogs are purposely written in laymen terms. Often our clients become experts in compressed air knowledge when they become heavily involved in a pneumatic project. Our blogs are designed to assist the most experienced engineer, and also the total rookie in better understanding compressed air best practices vicariously through our first hand experiences and case studies. 


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