First-Time Fix Rate (FTFR)

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You need a compressed air field service partner that can get you up and running quickly and affordably.

That's why our service department has decided to focus on first-time fix rate (FTFR) as our primary KPI.

So, What is First-Time Fix Rate?

FTFR is the percentage of time a technician is able to fix your problem on their first visit, without the need for additional expertise, information, or parts. Here's how it's calculated:

First Time Fix Rate Formula

Research indicates that top performing field service companies have an FTFR of 89%, while poorly performing companies have an FTFR of 56%. The industry average falls at around 75%. 

As of the end of May, we're proud to report that our FTFR is 92%.

Why FTFR matters

When we receive emergency calls from plant managers, after asking "How soon can you be here?" they want to know our hourly rate and truck roll costs.

Admittedly, at $110/hour, our technician rates are more than our key competitor ($85). We're okay with that, and we think you should be, too.

First, our rate provides a fair wage to our highly qualified, factory-trained specialist in a very competitive labour market. But more importantly for you, our first-time fix rate helps to ensure that on average we get your problem fixed for less time and money, despite the higher hourly rate.

Here are some of the things we do to make that happen:

  • We have a dedicated first responder technician who is dedicated to servicing breakdowns.
  • His van is equipped with a "crash kit" equipped with the tools and parts required to fix the most common breakdowns.
  • We keep inventory in stock to cover a wide range of needs.
  • We have service technicians available 24-7-365.

Done right. The first time.

Compressed air system down? Give us a call right away and we'll take good care of you.

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