Leak Detection: The Easiest Way to Reduce Compressed Air Costs

Compressed air is often referred to as the 4th utility. Arguably, it is also the most expensive commodity to produce. That’s why energy efficiency is so important in a compressed air system.

At Air Solutions Canada, we offer a wide range of equipment and processes designed to reduce your energy costs, and identifying and repairing leaks is a best practice we live and die by. That’s because leaks typically account for up to 15% of the compressed air energy produced in your facility.

Potential Savings by Compressor Size

Based on that 15% average, this simple table conservatively demonstrates the potential annual energy savings by repairing leaks for a variety of compressor sizes.

Compressor Size/Power cfm Output at 125 psig Approximate cfm Leak Loss (15%)* Potential Annual Energy Savings**
10 hp (7.5 kW)32 cfm4.8 cfm$1,281
20 hp (15 kW)88 cfm13.2 cfm$2,562
40 hp (30 kW)162 cfm24.3 cfm$5,125
75 hp (55 kW)345 cfm51.75 cfm$9,395
100 hp (75 kW)417 cfm62.55 cfm$12,812
150 hp (110 kW)721 cfm108.15 cfm$18,790
200 hp (150 kW)882 cfm133.2 cfm$25,623

*Leak Loss is based on an average approximation of 15% of the air compressor’s total output capacity.
**Potential energy savings are based on 8,760 annual running hours, power costs of $0.13/hr, then multiplied by the compressor kW.

As you can see, regardless of your compressor size, a one-day leak detection, combined with immediate leak repairs, substantially reduces your annual electricity costs.

How Leak Detection Works

Using the Fluke ii900 sonic image camera (pictured above), our team surveys your compressed air pipework from generation to point of use. Every accessible leak is located and tagged with a numeric “leak apparent” identification tag.

Our report provides details for each leak, including a photo, the size and severity of the leak, the estimated cfm loss, and the electricity required to supply the leak. Once the leaks are repaired, you get a rapid ROI, energy savings, and a carbon footprint reduction report.

Risk-Free Investment

The cost of your leak detection study will depend on the size and complexity of your facility. For a typical 100,000-square-foot production plant, we charge approximately $1,700 per day. Proceeding days cost approximately $1,100 per day, bringing a two-day 200,000-square-foot facility to $2,800, plus tax.

Our Performance Guarantee

With 25 years of proven track record and success from more than 250 leak detections, we are 100% certain that irrespective of the cost of your leak detection study we will find annual energy savings equivalent to or greater than the detection cost. If we don’t, the detection will be free of charge. It's a nothing ventured, nothing gained win for you and your company.

Not Sure? Arrange a Free Demo

Want to see our leak detection tool in action? Just contact us to arrange a site visit with one of our compressed air efficiency consultants. They’ll use the Fluke ii900 to spot check a few locations in your facility to give you an idea of your potential for driving down your compressed air costs.