Eyedro Meter graph

Try the Eyedro Meter for Good Measure

You've heard the adage "You can't improve what you don't measure."

We're big fans of measurement at Air Solutions Canada. After years of conducting KESS and ADA evaluations for our clients, we know that our products and services almost always result in significant reductions in cost and energy use. Measurements help to justify investments in advance and provide proof of results and ROI afterward.

Eyedro meters

Want a simple and cost effective way to gain greater insight into your plant's daily energy consumption? Consider the Eyedro meter.

This little device can measure the power consumption of up to 49 electric motors throughout your plant via individual sensors and wireless signals. The performance of those motors can then be viewed in real time on the internet, and notifications can even be sent to you by email if anything unusual is happening.

A Real-World Example

Recently a customer in the automotive industry shared this note after we replaced a 1990s era refrigerated air dryer with a brand new Kaeser SECOTEC TF230. The new, more compact air dryer uses thermal storage to conserve energy and reduce consumption. Check out these results:

Good morning Air Solutions,

Just thought I’d share this with you....

On the left is the old Kaeser KRD 750 refrigerated compressed air dryer, and on the right is the new Kaeser TF250 refrigerated dryer.

You’re looking at 2 weeks of data collection before, and 2 weeks of data collection after.

WOW... what a great change!

Thanks for your help with that project!

Eyedro Meter graph

Do you see that?

Upgrading this single piece of outdated equipment has resulted in an average daily reduction of 140 kW/h to just under 20 kw/h. At that rate it doesn't take long for a piece of equipment to pay for itself and then start improving your bottom line.

At just $499, the Eyedro meter will give you powerful insights just like these. It’s easy to install, simple to set up and can identify huge opportunities for savings.

Just get in touch if you'd like to learn more.