Are you missing out on energy savings?

For most commercial compressed air systems, energy use costs represent approximately 70% of the total lifetime expenditure. In fact, the amount of energy required to run a compressor for just one year will often exceed the compressor purchase price. Over the course of 10 years, energy costs typically total 70%, maintenance is 15%, and capital expenditure costs are 15% of the overall lifetime expenses. Improve your energy performance with these energy saving tips below.

"The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten" - Benjamin Franklin 

Energy cost savings

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    Improve your energy efficiency standards with these energy efficiency upgrades!

    The following examples demonstrate some of the techniques we can use to help you reduce your energy usage and costs:


    Are you wasting compressed air?

    When was the last time you performed an analysis of your system?

    Our Air Demand Analysis (ADA) study measures your plant's compressed air consumption (cfm), system pressure (psig), and kW power consumption for each air compressor. These three profiles give us the information we need to pinpoint your exact energy losses and make recommendations to optimize your system with energy efficient upgrades to reduce your energy bill.

    Analysis takes place over a 9-day period and provides insight into 6 key areas:

    1. CFM consumption
    2. Peak demands
    3. Potential energy and cost savings
    4. Leaks
    5. Pressure swings and profiles
    6. Superficial uses

    Your ADA Report will provide a detailed profile and current benchmark of your compressed air system with graphs and recommendations. Typical results pinpoint opportunities for significant energy efficiency improvement through re-configuring and replacing equipment. We'll provide a separate quotation for supplying and installing what's required.

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    How much compressed air are you producing to feed compressed air leaks? We think you might be surprised at the answer and associated cost. 

    Generating compressed air is typically the fourth most expensive utility in an industrial facility. Compressed air leaks, from our experience, can equate to as much as 15% of compressed air demand. Most of these can be avoided and many of them are superficial. 

    Performing a leak detection, on a regular basis, is a highly recommended "best practice". 

    Our technicians survey your facility with " state of the art" ultrasonic leak detection equipment to identify, locate and tag all compressed air related leaks. Our study begins at the generating plant and ends at point of use. Our report includes the cost to generate compressed air and the cost to repair your system. 

    Performance guarantee: 

    Our performance guarantee means that the energy savings we identify will exceed the cost of our study. If this is not the case, the study will be free of charge. 

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    Eyedro meters

    Not happy with your electricity bills?

    The best way to gain a clear picture of when and where electricity is being used in your plant is by measuring and monitoring your consumption in real time. This is an essential step in identifying energy saving opportunities. After all, you cannot improve what you do not measure.

    Our award wining Eyedro Meters capture the kW consumption of every electrical motor in your facility. Up to 30 motors can be data logged via a single Eyedro meter, and the data gathered can be wirelessly and securely transmitted directly to your smartphone or computer.

    Click here to see the live energy consumption at our own facility in Waterdown, Ontario.

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    Ductwork installed on a Kaeser compressor for heat recovery.

    Air ducts installed on a Kaeser compressor for effective space heating.

    Did you know that almost 99% of the energy inputted to a compressor is converted into heat? Through a variety of methods, that heat energy can be captured and reused within your facility for space, water, gas, and oil heating.

    We'll help you identify your best opportunities for heat recovery and install and maintain the equipment you require to avoid heat loss.

    Download this Heat Recovery document to learn more.


    Would you like to measure and monitor compressed air flow in your system?

    Air Solutions Canada can help by installing a clamp-on ultrasonic flow meter, which can be rented on a weekly or monthly basis. No disruption is required to your compressed air system or production at your facility.

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    Energy reductions by Fowler Metals

    Using a Kaeser VFD, this Hamilton based company was able to reduce their annual energy consumption by 132,709 kWh. These reductions significantly reduced their energy costs and their carbon/emissions footprint.

    Kaeser's VFD screw air compressors deliver up to 20% more air per kilowatt than typical industrial air compressors. That results an opportunity for substantial energy savings — we've helped hundreds of companies eliminate hundreds of thousands of kilowatt hours, which has a direct impact on their bottom line.

    Explore our Kaeser product line here.

    Click here for Compressed Air and Gas Institute (CAGI) data sheets on the efficiency of Kaeser’s compressed air equipment.


    Sigma Air Manager controls all compressors, activating them only when needed. This improves pressure stability and system reliability. It also allows lower operating pressures, significantly reducing leaks and artificial demand. With the optional Sigma Air Control Plus software package, SAM can also provide continuous energy audit information. This data can be exported to Excel, to provide an energy saving report any time. 

    Maintenance costs can also be tracked by SAM and compressed cascading and demand rotation are perfectly orchestrated. this ensures equal running and selection of the best compressor to suit the plant demand. 

    SAM 4.0 communicates with the cloud and also has the ability to interface with your building management system, (BMS), your smart phone, laptop or tablet. 

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    KAESER Air Main Charging Valve

    Photo of air main charging valve

    Do you shut your compressors off on the weekend as part of your energy efficiency measures?

    If you answered “yes” to this question, beware that unwanted oil, dirt and water contamination may be swept downstream into your production areas.

    You can reduce exposure to this problem with Kaeser’s Air Main Charging Valve (AMCV), which releases compressed air into the main distribution pipework system by automatically opening and closing the valve in a controlled fashion. This prevents overloading the filters and dryers, eliminates damage to purification equipment, pipework and downstream equipment. The AMCV also increases the effectiveness of your air treatment equipment. It also pressurizes the entire air system in the shortest possible time to optimize energy efficiency.

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