Introducing Ultramask

Concerned about the quality and protection of face masks?

We are happy to announce that as the exclusive distributor of UltraFilter in Canada, we are now able to provide you with The Ultrafilter Medical Face Mask.

UltraFilter Type II R medical standard masks provide optimal personal protection against the penetration of viruses and bacteria like coronavirus.

Our unique, high-efficiency retention filter media provides comfort and performance. Many of the world’s leading hospitals, clinics, and care homes have made the Ultramask their first choice.

With over 30 years of experience in manufacturing filtration solutions, Ultrafilter GmbH has applied the latest filtration technology to create a superior, premium product for personal protection.

The Ultramask is manufactured in Great Britain and distributed in Canada by Air Solutions Canada. Contact us today for bulk orders. 

Image with information about the UltraFilter Mask