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Air Solutions Canada Launches Canadian Ultrafilter Store

14 July 2021


Air Solutions Canada is thrilled to announce the launch of our new ultrafilter online store: ultrafilter.ca.

The company distributes these high quality process filter housings and elements across Canada, factory direct, with no middlemen, no additional mark ups, and no freight or brokerage. Ultrafilter products are manufactured in Germany, stocked in Dundas, Ontario, and traded in Canadian funds.

Air Solutions Canada has already supplied ultrafilter products to its compressed air clients throughout Southwestern Ontario, and this new online store enables end users to access ultrafilter products from anywhere in Canada.

"Food, Pharmaceutical, Beverage, Dairy, and Breweries are always at risk of product spoilage and contamination and these incidents can risk public health and damage to company reputations," said Air Solutions Canada president, Peter Gray. "Ultrafilter process filters significantly reduce that risk, allowing plants to maintain safe and sustainable operations."

The store has initially launched with three collections of process filtration elements which are typically used in processing food, beverages (including soft drinks, wine, and beer), dairy products, and pharmaceuticals. Stainless steel filter housings will be added shortly.

In addition to removing bacteria from air, the range of ultrafilter products also captures particulates in liquids, gases, H20 and steam. Ultrafilter elements are binder-free, guaranteed non shedding, and P-SRF elements are shipped in sealed sterile packaging.

"Ultraplanning" is a vendor-controlled service Air Solutions Canada offers to reduce on-site filter inventory.

The benefits include:

  • One-stop filter shopping
  • Fixed pricing
  • Just-in-time delivery
  • Stores and inventory organization
  • Guaranteed on-time element replacement
  • Audit paperwork, preparation, and records
  • Reduced filter service costs

Ultrafilter elements fit directly into Donaldson and Spirax Sarco housings. A “will fit” element product range is also available for Pall, Sartorius, Millipore, and Meissner.

Visit ultrafilter.ca to place your order or call 289-902-3531 for more information.


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