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Air Main Charging Valves

Air Main Charging Valves


Compressed air clean air treatment equipment is designed and rated to perform under specific CFM volumes in specific environments. As an example a fridge dryer achieves a 3°C, (37°F) pressure dew point. Based on an inlet pressure of 100 psig and ambient and approach  temperatures  of 100°F. Following a system shut down, and repressurization these conditions are seldom achieved and often exceeded, resulting in compressed air contamination carryover. This is particularly prudent at weekends and holidays. Kaeser’s air main charging valve controls the amount of compressed air being allowed to flow into the clean air treatment equipment by modulating open and closed at factory set intervals. In essence the air main charging valve ensures that filters and dryers are able to cope with the influx of compressed air flow and pressure, at any particular temperature following a restart.

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The system

The air main charging valve typically sits directly after the clean air treatment equipment, (final stage after filter). The air main charging valve can also be connected to a master control system and is designed specifically to operate in perfect harmony with Kaeser’s Sigma Air Manager (SAM). 

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What else do Kaeser and Air Solutions Canada offer?

Rotary Vacuum and Rotary Blowers are other facets of Kaeser's product range.

Air Solutions will design, build and install any of the Kaeser range of products, including compressors, vacuums, blowers and a full range of clean air treatments. Our turnkey approach to rigging, piping, ductwork and electrical, means that one call does it all.

Do you offer delivery and pickup services?

Yes, we offer delivery and pickup services for all of our rental equipment. We'll work with you to schedule a convenient time for delivery and pickup that works with your schedule.

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Our tried-and-tested approach to get you a reliable compressed air solution at the lowest possible cost of ownership looks like this:

Discovery call

Discovery call

Our solutions specialist visits your facility to discuss your current situation, pain points, future plans, and potential government incentives. We can undertake as little, or as much, of your project as you would like.

Requirement analysis

Requirement analysis

We analyze the equipment at your facility, its performance, condition, and suitability. We ensure that storage, piping, and compressed air quality are in line with your requirements and best practices.

Turnkey installation

Turnkey installation

Everything we do is “in house.” Air audits, leak detection, design, build, and service are handled quickly and efficiently.This approach means that we manage every aspect of your project, avoiding finger pointing and single source supply for you and your organization.

Maintenance and repair

Maintenance and repair

Whether you require emergency breakdown response, predictive, or preventative maintenance our team has you covered. Air end and motor service and rebuilds, piping, and analysation are also available.

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