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safety relief valve

Safety Relief Valves(PRV)


A pressure relief valve (PRV), also known as a safety relief valve or pressure release valve, is a vital safety component utilised in compressor systems, and required by TSSA, to prevent over-pressurization, safeguarding machinery and personnel.

Relief valves counteract over-pressurization by releasing excess pressure. Pressure against the valve seat opens it against spring tension. When pressure surpasses the set threshold, the valve opens, relieving excess pressure. Be sure to direct the discharge orifice of your safety relief valve to a height and an area above, or away from human safety. We recommend that the higher threaded orifices of an air receiver tank are utilised.

Should your safety relief valve discharge it will reseat and close once pressure stabilises averting further over-pressurization.

How to Select Pressure Relief Valves?

Choosing the appropriate valve depends on the specific application. Factors to consider include, the maximum allowable working pressure, (MAWP) of the air receiver tank you’re installing the valve on. The valve must be set to relieve at a pressure which is less than the MAWP of your air receiver tank. As an example if the tank is rated at 165 psig, the safety relief valve will be set at 150 psig. Air Solutions Canada Inc. offers a diverse range of relief valves tailored to various needs, including modular system relief valves, miniature ported valves, and pop-type relief valves, catering to different application demands.

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The system

Safety relief valves are installed in all air receiver tank vessels and can be incorporated elsewhere in compressed air distribution systems to safeguard pipework, equipment and of course your personnel. 

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What else do Kaeser and Air Solutions Canada offer?

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Air Solutions will design, build and install any of the Kaeser range of products, including compressors, vacuums, blowers and a full range of clean air treatments. Our turnkey approach to rigging, piping, ductwork and electrical, means that one call does it all.

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Yes, we offer delivery and pickup services for all of our rental equipment. We'll work with you to schedule a convenient time for delivery and pickup that works with your schedule.

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Discovery call

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Requirement analysis

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Turnkey installation

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Maintenance and repair

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