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Sigma Air Utility

Sigma Air Utility


Sigma Air Utility (SAU) is a proven solution. Kaeser designs, builds, owns, operates, maintains, and stands behind your compressed air system. Kaeser guarantees the amount of air you need at the pressure you need, and at the quality you need. On top of that, it will be the most energy efficient air system you've ever had. 

Here's how Kaeser's Sigma Air Utility operator model works:
Your compressed air needs are analysed and an individual concept is drawn up based on what is required.
Based on the requirements Kaeser will build, install and operate the compressed air system.

Our Kaeser Teleservice, the logistics centre and our extensive global service network ensure that compressed air is available at all times.

With the Sigma Air Utility operator model, you pay a fixed basic price that covers an agreed quantity of compressed air. When larger amounts are needed, a fixed contractual price applies for the additional quantities used. All prices remain in effect for the entire duration of the contract, which means no price increases.

The advantages of Kaeser's Sigma Air Utility operator model:

No compressed air worries:

We offer everything from a single expert source: from the analysis of your compressed air needs to the machines and service. That lets you and your personnel concentrate fully on your core tasks.

From variable costs to predictable costs:

Sigma Air Utility takes the uncertainty out of operating an air system. Your employees will have time for other tasks. That means: You have more liquidity, are saved from tapping into your working capital and have greater flexibility in deploying your personnel.

A system scaled to your needs:

A competitive market brings ups and downs. Are you cutting back your output, or perhaps stepping it up? Are you relocating your operations? With Sigma Air Utility you can remain flexible. We will adjust your compressed air supply to your needs.

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Sigma Air Utility by Kaeser Compressors

​Kaeser's Sigma Air Utility operator model is the solution for those who want to preserve their working capital for other uses while getting the most reliable and energy-efficient compressed air system possible.

The system

When capital expenditure is difficult to access, our Sigma Utility solutions are an excellent option. Often referred to as “Air Over the Fence”, we install an entire compressed air station, with redundancy, and connect to your distribution network. You only pay for the compressed air that you consume, from a flow meter which records the consumption at your plant.

Frequently asked questions

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What is a Kaeser Compressor?

Kaeser compressors are arguably the most energy efficient, high-quality, industrial-grade air compressors available on the market today. Renowned for their inherent reliability, and durability, Kaeser compressors are “built for a lifetime”.

What types of compressors does Kaeser offer?

Kaeser manufactures a wide range of air compressors, including oil injected rotary screw compressors, reciprocating compressors, and oil free rotary screw machines. Electric and Diesel driven portable, and mobile options, are also available in different sizes and capacities and these can be rented, leased or purchased.

What are the advantages of Kaeser Compressors?

Kaesers patented Sigma profile air ends, produce up to 20% more cfm output volume than competitors equivalents. Exceptionally low noise levels, FIVE YEAR “bumper to bumper” warranty, and long service life, means that Kaeser is the right fit for all types of applications.

How do I select the right Kaeser Compressor for my application?

Selecting the right Kaeser compressor depends on various factors, such as your specific application requirements, air demand, operating conditions, available space, and budget. This is where the team at Air Solutions Canada comes in since we are Canada’s largest Kaeser authorized distributor. Our Compressed Air and Energy Solution Providers help you determine the most suitable equipment for your needs, taking into consideration factors such as required flow rate, pressure, duty cycle, site conditions and other specifications.

Are there incentives available for my compressed air project?

We have direct access to government funding, and this is available, at no cost to you, to assist you in updating, or improving your compressed air station and system. In order to benchmark your flow, pressure, and consumption demands, we recommend an Air Demand Analysis, (ADA) study. The results of this study ensure that we select, and engineer the correct equipment, and secure funding towards the project.

How do I maintain a Kaeser Compressor?

Proper maintenance is essential for ensuring the reliable and efficient operation of any compressor. Kaeser provides sensible and affordable maintenance schedules to keep your investment in good running order. Our prime objective is maximum “up time” and peace of mind. Regular maintenance tasks include checking and changing filters, inspecting connections, monitoring oil levels, greasing fittings, cleaning coolers, and performing other routine checks. It's also important to follow any recommended maintenance procedures provided by Kaeser and to use genuine Kaeser parts and lubricants.

Can I get technical support for my Kaeser Compressor?

Yes, Kaeser provides technical support through its authorized distributors. If you encounter any technical issues with your Kaeser compressor, you can contact Air Solutions Canada for assistance, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our service team consists of 16, full-time, Kaeser factory trafactory-trained technicians. We can provide troubleshooting guidance, spare parts, and repair services to keep your compressor running smoothly.

Does Kaeser offer a warranty for their compressors?

Yes, Kaeser offers FIVE YEAR “bumper to bumper” warranty coverage for most compressors. The only stipulations are to complete the startup paperwork, adhere to the manufacturers service guidelines and to use OEM parts and lubricants.

Are there any energy-saving features in Kaeser Compressors?

Yes, Kaeser compressors are known for their energy-efficient design and performance. We produce the most compressed air (CFM), for the least amount of input power, (kW).

With a multitude of operating technologies available, such as Variable Speed Drive, Load/Idle, Modulation, Quatro and Vario to control the compressor, our specific power wins out time and time again compared to others.

Heat recovery, zero compressed air loss drain traps and a master control system option, further improve efficiency, and reduce overall operating costs.

Where can I buy Kaeser Compressors?

Kaeser compressors are available through a global network of authorized distributors and sales partners. Air Solutions Canada is Canada's largest distributor of Kaeser Compressors. We're proud to represent this iconic brand.

How do I know what type of compressed air equipment I need?

Our team of experts can help you determine the right equipment for your specific needs. We'll ask you about your air requirements, the size of your operation, flow, pressure, piping, hoses, power, or fuel, and any specific challenges or constraints you might be facing.

How it works

Our tried-and-tested approach to get you a reliable compressed air solution at the lowest possible cost of ownership looks like this:

Discovery call

Discovery call

Our solutions specialist visits your facility to discuss your current situation, pain points, future plans, and potential government incentives. We can undertake as little, or as much, of your project as you would like.

Requirement analysis

Requirement analysis

We analyze the equipment at your facility, its performance, condition, and suitability. We ensure that storage, piping, and compressed air quality are in line with your requirements and best practices.

Turnkey installation

Turnkey installation

Everything we do is “in house.” Air audits, leak detection, design, build, and service are handled quickly and efficiently.This approach means that we manage every aspect of your project, avoiding finger pointing and single source supply for you and your organization.

Maintenance and repair

Maintenance and repair

Whether you require emergency breakdown response, predictive, or preventative maintenance our team has you covered. Air end and motor service and rebuilds, piping, and analysation are also available.

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When you speak to us, ask for an Air Demand Analysis. It will give you the performance data of your current compressed air system and show the savings you can generate. We offer a performance guarantee - if we don’t identify inefficiencies within your system which are equivalent to the cost of the ADA study, then the study will be free! And in the meantime, download the Ultimate Guide on Rightsizing your Compressed Air System. You can stop being frustrated that they were over promised and under delivered, and instead be confident with a radically different solution that serves your needs better at a lower cost. 


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