Kaeser M500-2 Oil-Free Compressor

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Our brand new Kaeser M500-2 Oil-Free Compressor is now available through our rental program.

This two-stage dry-running rotary screw compressor includes the very latest compressed air technology, combining exceptional power and versatility with environmentally responsible design.

The M 500-2 is the largest compressor in the Kaeser's Mobilair portable compressor family. It sets new standards in the fifty cubic metre class, delivering compressed air from 58 to 150 psi. Maximum free air delivery varies from 38 m³/min (150 psi) to 45.8 m³/min (100 psi).

The M 500-2 combines the advantages of a dry-running rotary screw compressor with those of a portable machine. It can supply top quality compressed air for any application, yet remains portable. Furthermore, it is a perfect team player and can be easily integrated into compressor stations controlled by a master control system.

Key Features:

  • 18-litre engine
  • Hydraulic system for inlet valves and cooling fans improves reliability
  • Standard safety features include:
    • closed floor pan
    • Chalwyn valve
    • battery main switch
    • spark arrestor
  • Stainless steel cooler protect aluminum cooler from high temperatures and pulsations
  • Additional oil tank: ensures right oil level in engine
  • Fibre-free pulsation dampers: no risk of contamination of the compressed air
  • Reliable air end - designed for long life, with no measurable loss of FAD after many years


This giant portable compressor can be used in industrial applications requiring large volumes of compressed air, especially when it is needed to bridge maintenance outages or when a plant is being upgraded. Other potential applications include tunnel construction and pipeline flushing in refineries.


At the heart of the M500-2, which is specifically designed for industrial applications, is a proven two-stage dry running rotary screw compressor. Thanks to an innovative special coating that withstands temperatures up to 300° C, the machine's sandblasted, phosphated rotors show no signs of wear, even after many years of operation. This translates to consistent high energy efficiency and no increase in fuel consumption over the operating life of the machine. A large capacity fuel tank enables back-to-back operation over two shifts without the need to refuel. Continuous operation is also possible via an optional external fuel tank. The reliable on-board Caterpillar low-emission diesel engine has an integrated particle filter. The type C 18 engine is rated at 447.5 kW.


The integrated Sigma Control mobile controller automatically adjusts the motor speed to the exact pressure set-point between 58 and 150 psi. Compressed air discharge temperature can also be selected via the controller. The M500-2 comes with a spark arrestor and motor shutoff valve for installation in refineries and is mounted on a supporting chassis with parking brake so that it can be quickly and safely positioned anywhere. It also features crane and lashing eyes, as well as forklift pockets. This giant unit, which weighs in at just less than twelve tonnes, can therefore be precisely placed exactly where needed; the parking brake on the chassis also ensures that it stays put.


In the unlikely event of a fault, the integrated Mobilair fleet management system automatically notifies Kaeser Service. Everything is accessible online.

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