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Say Goodbye to Oil: Unleashing the Power of Kaeser Oil Free Air Compressors

31 May 2024 | Peter Gray

ISO 8573-1: Air Quality Class “0” in partnership with Kaeser Oil Free Air Compressors

In the world of industrial air compressors, and the increased awareness of compressed air quality in sensitive applications, the innovation of oil-free air compressors is a beacon of progress.

Oil-free air compressors offer a wide range of advantages over their traditional oil lubricated counterparts. Apart from the obvious compressed air quality, free of any and all lubricating oil, these machines also provide environmental benefits. By removing the need for lubricating oil, oil free machines significantly reduce the risk of oil contamination in the compressed air stream, condensate discharge, and any product, or packaging which comes into direct contact with the compressed air. This not only ensures cleaner air for critical applications, but also satisfies industry governing bodies, Quality Assurance departments, and auditors, while enhancing most sustainability goals by minimizing environmental impact. 

Oil-free compressors provide peace of mind, against unwanted oil contamination and maintenance cost savings. Without the need to purchase oil, pay for disposal, and the associated service costs of lubricated compressors, operational expenses are significantly reduced. In addition, the absence of oil means fewer components prone to wear and tear.

Choosing the right oil-free air compressor: Key considerations

Selecting the appropriate oil-free air compressor requires a thorough understanding of your application and facilities requirements. These might include:

  • Power voltage.
  • Cooling type, (air or liquid cooled).
  • Desired compressed air output capacity.
  • Operating pressure.
  • The environment and conditions that the compressor will operate in.
  • Compressed air quality, for oil, particulate, water, and bacteria carryover.
  • Available real estate.
  • Budgets.
  • Cooling, and ventilation of the compressor room.
  • Storage and pipework distribution

Application demands play pivotal roles in this decision-making process.

Leading the way in high quality compressed air system design and build, the new Oil-Free CSG from Kaeser is setting yet another Compressed Air Technology Milestone. This new two-stage oil-free rotary screw compressor is German engineered to perfection. Available in fixed and variable speed drive configurations, the CSG ensures premium compressed air energy and output efficiency, reliability, and quality. Designed for users with particularly high compressed air quality requirements, the Kaeser leaves nothing to chance, and can be factory fitted with a number of air drying options. With drive train improvements, and enhancements, the CSG range now delivers up to 16% more compressed air than the previous, same sized motor hp (kW) series, and requires around 19% less floor space. The CSG energy performance is further reduced by the introduction of our ie5, Ultra-Premium efficiency class synchronous reluctance drive motor.

Our service life of the gear oil is increased to 18,000 operating hours, by the highly effective water jacket cooling feature, and above all – a Kaeser Coburg factory manufactured ™Sigma Profile compressor air end. 

Proven Airends – At the core of every Kaeser oil-free compressor is a robust, two-stage rotary screw airend designed to endure the most demanding conditions. Each airend guarantees peak performance and reliability, ensuring maximum efficiency throughout its entire lifespan.

Durable coating – The blasted and bonderized rotors undergo a specialized coating process that gives them an innovative, durable finish capable of withstanding temperatures up to 575°F. This highly abrasion-resistant coating maintains its sealing and protective properties consistently over years of operation, resulting in significant cost savings.

Chromium steel rotors – The rotors in the second compression stage are crafted from stainless steel, eliminating the risks of corrosion, and seizing. 

Jacket-cooled airend – Jacket cooling is employed in the high-pressure compression stage of the airend to ensureoptimal heat dissipation, significantly boosting efficient.

Proven airend

Durable coating

Chromium Steel Rotors

Jack-cooled airend

The air end rotor coating is perfectly designed to the requirements of hygienically sensitive processes, it is biocompatible FDA certified and meets all requirements for food contact materials. CSG models are also engineered and suitable for heat recovery. By adding a heat exchanger to the standard package, up to 90% of the electrical input power can be reused for heating, or as process heat. This significantly reduces energy costs and the CO2 footprint.

One of the key things to consider when purchasing an oil-lubricated compressor, for use in a critical or sensitive application, is that despite the compressor including an air/oil separator filter, and typically downstream coalescing filtration, to prevent oil contamination, these protections are not 100% effective. This means that some of the oil found in the machine will inevitably be released from the compressor, and carryover downstream. 

While this may not sound important, in some cases, this can severely impact production, quality and brand reputation. For example, most food production, with direct contact between compressed air and product/packaging must have zero chance of oil and bacteria contamination. This cannot be guaranteed with oil lubricated air compressors. In comparison, an oil-free compressor will inevitably produce clean air, with zero risk of oil carryover from the compression chamber. 

Regardless of which type of compressor you use, ambient air contamination remains a concern, in the shape of water, oil, particles, hydrocarbons and bacteria. In line filtration is a must in most compressed air systems, and a critical component in oil free applications. Whilst lubricated oil is no longer a concern with an oil free compressor, all of air born contamination still remains, and must be mitigated.

Oil-free compressor

In certain industries, strict standards must be met to ensure quality production, and the passing of governing body standards, such as CFIA, Health Canada, and the FDA. For critical and sensitive applications, like these, an oil-free air compressor isn’t just beneficial, it’s essential. 

Industries that have sensitive applications and would benefit from an oil-free air compressor include: 

  • Pharmaceutical
  • Food
  • Beverage
  • Chemical
  • Electronics
  • Robotics
  • Automotive
  • Dairy
  • Painting
  • Aerospace

In essence, if compressed air quality, and contaminant levels are important to your application, an oil-free compressor is a serious consideration. We recommend speaking to an expert to determine what will work best for your facility. You and your business cannot afford to compromise the quality of your products, your customers, staff, and your brands reputation by failing to meet industry standards. If your ISO compressed air quality requirements are Class 0 (100% oil-free) or Class 1 (oil concentration of 0/01 mg/m3, at 14.5psia, and 20° C), air quality is important enough for you and your facility to invest in the correct air compressor. 

Kaeser oil-free compressors

Operating and Maintaining Your Oil-Free Air Compressor: Tips for Optimal Performance

Once you've chosen the right oil-free air compressor for your needs, proper operation and maintenance are essential to ensure optimal performance and reliability. Regular maintenance intervals are crucial to preserving the efficiency and longevity of your compressor. This includes routine checks of filters, air intake systems, and monitoring for any signs of wear or malfunction. At Air Solutions Canada we offer Preventative Maintenance Plans which provide regularly scheduled maintenance and inspections to keep your equipment running smoothly and minimize downtime.

We can even remotely monitor your system for you, via our Compressed Air Remote Monitoring App, (Carma). When a compressed air system is running efficiently it will also directly translate into cost savings by an increase in uptime, lower pressure drops, cooler running temperatures and energy consumption. Investing in a compressed air dryer can also enhance the performance of your oil-free compressor by removing moisture from the compressed air stream, preventing corrosion and contamination in downstream equipment. 

Ultimately, embracing the new Kaeser CSG oil-free air compressor is not just a step towards innovation; it's a leap towards a more sustainable and cost-effective future. Whether you're in the pharmaceutical, Food, Beverage, Dairy, or any industry requiring reliable compressed air solutions, oil-free air compressors stand as a testament to excellence. So, join the ranks of those leading the charge towards oil-free innovation, and experience the transformative power of compressed air technology firsthand. With benefits ranging from environmental friendliness to substantial cost savings, you're not just investing in a compressor but in the success of your operations. 

Oil-free compressor


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