Product spoilage and recalls = bad press, lost time, and lost revenue.

No processing plant can afford the nightmare scenario of a contamination incident.

With Ultrafilter, Air Solutions Canada guarantees reliable, cost effective supply of the highest quality filter elements, cartridges, and housings available on the market.

Eliminate the risks associated with viruses, bacteria, and particles. Keep your product pure and your pipeline moving with Ultrafilter and Air Solutions Canada.

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A Powerful Partnership

Why Ultrafilter?

Ultrafilter GmbH is one of the most innovative manufacturers of high performance filters and treatment components for compressed air, technical gases and liquids. Well-known companies around the world trust the quality, performance, and reliability of Ultrafilter.

Ultrafilter Advantages

• Binder free (welded, not glued)

• Guaranteed non shedding

• Locally stocked (no freight or brokerage fees)

• Just-in-time (JIT), vendor-controlled delivery

• Limited pressure drop means low cost of ownership

• 30% extended service life (steam sterilization process)

Why Air Solutions Canada?

Air Solutions Canada has a long, successful track record of providing turnkey solutions for industries whose process require industrial compressed air. Our founder, Peter Gray, began his career with UltraFilter before launching Air Solutions Canada. He is an expert in the integration of water, gas, and air filtration within large compressed air installations.

With our unique Ultraplanning process, you'll be able to arrange a steady, reliable supply of the highest quality filter elements, helping to ensure the safe and continuous operation of your plant.

The Ultraplanning Process

• Site survey/needs assessment

• Quote for elements

• Element replacement program



Are you a quality assurance manager, production manager, or maintenance and facility manager? Do you produce food, beverage, or pharmaceutical products that rely on sterile compressed air and liquids?

Then you know just how costly contamination incidents can be: they can have a significant negative impact on your production schedules, your profitability, and your reputation.

With Ultrafilter's binder-free, non-shedding filtration elements, you'll reduce the risk to your business that come with spoilage and recall incidents. We'll work with you to create a steady, cost-effective supply of efficient, durable filter elements and cartridges so you can focus on what you do best: create healthy products.

Ultrafilter's comprehensive line of filter elements, cartridges, and housings are used in a variety of industries that rely on a steady and predictable supply of sterile compressed air and liquids.

At Air Solutions Canada, we also have the technical expertise and know-how to work with mechanical engineers and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to assist in the planning of manufacturing plants and systems.


Air Solutions Canada's team of process filtration experts has assisted customers with quality sterile compressed air applications since 1997. Our air filtration products achieve energy efficient operation at high flow levels. They are available in a variety of materials, micron ratings, and connection styles.


Ultrafilter PF-EG liquid filter housings are designed for the filtration of beverages and other liquids, such as process water, mineral water, beer, wine, soft drinks, juice, and other products. Ultrafilter elements are available for most non-Ultrafilter housing using industry standard connections:

  • Pall
  • Parker
  • Millipore
  • Meissner
  • 3M Cuno
  • and many more!


Clean steam is an absolute must in the food, beverage, and pharmaceutical industries.

Ultrafilter steam housings provide the exact quality of steam for any type of application, including 3A, at temperatures up to 390°F.

A broad selection of regenerable elements is available for the compatibility and micron rating requirements of your process.


Ultrafilter tank breathing filters

Tank vent filters (or breathing filters) are used to ensure 100% sterility in the storage of pharmaceutical products, chemicals, food, or ferments. A tank breathing filter is used to filter the air that enters the tank as it "breathes".

With Ultrafilter, we have a variety of tank breathing filters that enable you to remove moisture or sterilize the breathing air.

We also offer a lighter sterile solution in the form of a compact PTFE membrane that can be screwed directly into the breathing hole of the tank.

Industries Served



Yogurt Production


Beer plant


Beverage bottling


Senior Male Research Scientist is Using a Tablet Computer in a Modern High-Tech Laboratory. Genetics and Pharmaceutical Studies and Researches.


Experienced Male Engineer and Young Female Designer Work with Blueprints, Correcting them with Pens. They Work in a Stylish Modern Office.

Engineering & Production
Equipment Firms

Regulatory Compliance

Ultrafilter's line of filter elements, cartridges, and housings are in conformity with health, safety, and environmental protection standards for products sold within Canada, the United States and the European Economic Area (EEA). Our technicians also meet the standards of Canada's Technical Standards and Safety Authority.


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